Shooting range is a great hobby that men especially like. But women like to come and shoot their anger or stress. It helps them a lot (at least according to the information provided by our customers). Men bring their wives here to treat any frustration at the shooting range. They just don`t say it out loud in front of them.

You can experience this experience in several places. The most popular shooting range is the shooting range in Prague You will find the best prices on this shooting range. Their kind staff will show you and prepare everything for you. Thanks to that, you can just come and start.

muž a zbraň

This is a unique opportunity not only for you. You can make arrangements with friends and arrive in the whole group. Always book your appointment on time. The shooting range is so popular that it is often completely filled with registered people. If you want to experience a wonderful atmosphere and experience the whole experience in the best light – come in sportswear dressed with a bunch of people who are in the same good mood as you.

For more information, call them and arrange what you want. Opening hours are classic, so call early.

žena se zbraní

Is the shooting range a challenge for you? Don`t worry – no one will laugh at you unless you know how to do it for the first time. No talented and gifted man has fallen from heaven.

You have the opportunity to try several types of weapons. Classic and unique. Which one would interest you the most? Which weapon would you like to try?

What are you waiting for? You have an adventure right in front of your nose. You can find inspiration on their website, where you will also find a lot of useful information. Beautiful and well-arranged websites are elaborated in the greatest simplicity so that everyone can find their way around. So if you don`t know the orientation on the Internet – no worries, you will definitely be able to do it. It`s easy. If not, you pick up the phone and call. The staff speaks several languages, so don`t worry about not talking.